Happy Shark Week! It’s that time of the year again, where we focus our attention to the oceans to find out any new discoveries about sharks and their habitat!

So let’s answer a fun question: Are there sharks in Lake Conroe?


The answer to this is: No.

There are not sharks in Lake Conroe (whew!), but there are many of types of fish and animals in the lake. Some of which have been mistaken for piranha, but are actually Red Pacu- an invasive species that eats other fish in the lake.

While sharks are usually found in saltwater, there are many sharks that can be found in freshwater as well. How do saltwater animals survive in fresh water? Well for the most part, they wouldn’t. There are exceptions to the rule though, and some sharks do venture into the unknown territory. These sharks intake a massive amount of water and use their urine to supplement them with the amount of salt that they need around them to survive (gross!). This process uses a lot of energy for these sharks, as they are basically maintaining their own personal saltwater bubble. They also don’t stay in the fresh water for too long, and will eventually venture back out to the ocean. The Bull shark, for instance, is one of the species of sharks that can live in a freshwater ecosystem. They are also aggressive sharks and can pose threats to other fish in the ecosystem.

So while there are plenty of fish in Lake Conroe, sharks are not one of them. For them to be found in Lake Conroe it would require an enormous amount of energy for the shark, and they likely wouldn’t be able to survive for very long.