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Jolly Pirate Ship Adventure

Lake Conroe Cruise

(21+) Sunset Cruise

Adventure Voyage

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Ahoy Mateys!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime aboard the Jolly Pirate Ship! Join us as we take to the Lake Conroe waters searching for undiscovered treasure. Entertainment and interaction create an experience, excitement, and merriment for the young and young heart (or who want to channel their inner Pirate). Our latest attraction is located at 1097 Watersports, on Lake Conroe.  

Our captain and mates amuse the whole crew from beginning to end with pirate-themed activities, witty banter, singing, dancing, and family fun. The crew engages willing participants in a treasure hunt and authentic cannon fire!

All ages are welcome to join in the fun with the Scallawags and the Jolly Pirates, but only those brave enough to complete the pirate training will be made honorary members of the Jolly Pirate Crew. If you're not keen on plundering and swabbing the decks, kick and relax, take in the scenery, and watch your fellow mates have the time of their lives. 

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Adventure Voyage

All ages welcome!


  • Children - $34.00

  • Adults (12+)- $47.00

2 years and under are FREE!

Each ticket purchased is valid for 2 Drink Tickets (21+)

*Pricing is subject to change.

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Event Rentals

Rent the Jolly Pirate Ship for your next event! 


  • $500/hour- 2 HOUR MINIMUM

  • Captain Included

  • 1-2  Pirates aboard*

  • Canon Demonstration 

  • Bring your own food and drink 

  • NO GLASS is permitted aboard

  • Accommodates 42 People

* Private Events Rentals availability is Monday- Thursday to avoid interfering with Voyages schedule on the weekend.


What a fun experience!! I had to leave a review to simply say THANK YOU to all of the staff. Literally the NICEST, FRIENDLIEST group of people. From the admissions to the gift shop, the characters, and everyone on the Jolly Pirate Ship, we were welcomed and treated so lovely. We had an absolute blast!! Thank you!!

An exciting, family-fun adventure like no other!

Unlock and uncover the treasures at Lake Conroe as you embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure on the high waters of Lake Conroe! If ye dare to step aboard the Jolly Pirates, you will be greeted with a friendly "YoHo" and an atmosphere of family fun and merriment. Music and excitement will fill the air and yer hearties board the boat, and the crew prepares for departure. Your captain takes safety extremely important and will brief guests on safety procedures just before the cruise emabarks. Our captain and mates will amuse your whole crew from beginning to end, engaging willing participants in pirate-themed activities, witty banter, singing, and dancing!  


  • Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, you have to sign a waiver! All passengers boarding the ship must have a signed waiver on file. Once your booking is made, you will receive an email with a link to complete the waiver for all of your passengers.

  • How many guests can the boat carry?

42 Total Passengers 

  • What if the weather isn't good?

If it looks like bad weather is brewing, please show up for your adventure! The captain continuously monitors the situation and decides whether or not to cancel the trip at the time of departure. We sail on Lake Conroe, notorious for unpredictable weather conditions. Pirates don’t like to disappoint, so we do our best not to disappoint our young crew. Our adventures will continue in light rain when it's safe. Please plan accordingly.

  • What time can I check in?

The Pirates will leave on time, so do not miss the ship! You can find your departure time in your confirmation email. Check-in is a half hour before your departure. If your departure time is 11 a.m., please arrive no later than 10:30 a.m. for check-in.

  • Does my infant need a ticket?

All passengers require a ticket regardless of age so they can be accurately counted towards our total passenger legal capacity.

  • Do I have to come with my kids?

All young pirates must have a responsible adult accompanying them on their adventure. No exceptions. All passengers require a ticket, including big pirates.

  • Where do I park?

You can park inside Lake Conroe Park along the Left fence. Inform the parking attendant you are a Jolly Pirate guest, and they will direct you where to park. Please note the park closes at 6:30 pm, and they will have your car towed away if not removed before then. Plenty of parking is available right in front of the big 1097 Watersports building with handicap spaces for all evening Voyages. A parking attendant will be directing parking to accommodate all guests.

  • Is the boat handicapped accessible?

Yes, we have a ramp to our dock that provides easy access to our boat for all guests. However, we cannot accommodate motorized scooters or chairs while on the ship. We ask that guests please bring non-motorized equipment for the voyage. 

  • Is there a bathroom on the boat?

Yes, we have a toilet with hand sanitizer for use when our voyage is underway. Unfortunately, the bathroom on board is not handicap accessible. Before departure, guests are welcome to use the porta potty at 1097 Watersports.

  • How long is the adventure?

Please arrive a half hour before departure time to check-in. This allows time for parking, and if on-site, it is during this time that we engage the young pirates with face painting and allows time to grab one or two pirate accessories from the Jolly Pirate Store! Once on the ship, the adventure lasts approximately one and half hours. Expect to spend at least 120 minutes with our crew from arrival to departure.

  • Is the ship shaded?

The ship's front and back lower deck provide complete shade all year round. The middle of the ship has a canopy cover providing partial shade. The ship has fans installed to keep everyone cool in the shaded areas.

  • Are food and drinks provided during the Voyage? 

The voyage ticket includes two beverages for all on board (alcoholic and nonalcoholic). Drinks include juice, water, soda, wine, and beer. We do not provide food and ask that food be kept to minimal light snacks. The young pirates will fully engage in their quest for treasure, so food is best served off the ship.

  • Can we bring our Food and Drinks during Private event rentals?

Yes. You are welcome to bring food and drinks for private events. Coolers are welcome; no glass is permitted on the Ship for the safety of all on board and other waterway users.

  • Can I bring my stroller on the ship?

Due to limited deck space, strollers are not permitted on the ship. Car seats for the comfort of the wee pirates are more than welcome.

  • Will we be wearing life vests?

We are a TPWD inspected and licensed vessel; we undergo such evaluations annually, and as such, our passengers are not required to wear life vests while on board our vessel. We have plenty of life vests in both child and adult sizes available under the seats for ALL passengers in the event of an emergency.

  • Will I get seasick?

Our adventure on Lake Conroe takes us on a path with other boaters; hence waves and wakes may cause wee rocking of the ship. If you are a motion-sickness-prone pirate, consult your doctor for some remedies that might work best for you.

  • What do I need to bring?

Bring yourself an adventurous attitude! Also, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and outdoor clothing are recommended. We also welcome any pirate attire or costumes you might have; if you don’t have any of your own, we have plenty of pirate swag available for purchase in our Pirate store on land and small accessories available for sale on the ship (cash only). We accept cash and major credit cards for swag purchases inside the store.

  • What ages do you recommend for this adventure?

While almost everyone finds something they love about this experience, the wee pirates are most enthused by the adventures, treasure discovery, and numerous activities scheduled to keep them engaged. 

  • What do the adults get out of this adventure?

Adults get to sit back and enjoy the cruise and complimentary drinks as the First Mate guides the young Pirates on an unforgettable adventure in quest of the lost treasure. The adult pirates are welcome to join the captain on the front and back upper deck for a magnificent view of the lake and all the beautiful mansions along the shores. Sunset views are a sight to look forward to for our evening Voyages!

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