Get answers to all your questions prior to renting from the premier rental company on Lake Conroe.
Why rent from 1097 Watersports?


How does this work?

When you come to 1097 Watersports you are on lake time, there is no pressure or bad vibes! When you arrive please make sure you have your deposit (for jet ski or boat rental only), vaild I.D. and make your way to the service window to order your service. There you will fill out the rental agreement and payment. After you will be escorted you to the dock where staff brief you on quick safety tips and get you into your watercraft. Finally, you have the time of your life and create memories to last a lifetime!

Can I really ride a Kayak, Canoe, or Jet Ski?

If you choose to participate in any of the above sports please check with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to participate and be aware that these activities can be dangerous. ****We do not offer additional insurance if an injury is to occur and your participation is “at your own risk.” Please check with your current insurance carrier to ensure that you are covered to participate in any of these sports.

How will I know where to go on Lake Conroe if I rent a boat?

We will provide you with an orientation covering boating laws, safety, watercraft operation, and a map of the lake.

Can we keep the boats overnight?

No, but our hours are from 9:00 am to *6:00 pm (Depending on Sunset) Check our Facebook for up to date hours and operations. *During winter season (October- February) we are by APPOINTMENT ONLY!

Will I need to refuel the boats or jet skis?

No, all of our boats come with the fuel included in the price.

Can I pay cash for my deposit?

Yes, although a credit card will be required to cover damages above and beyond the security deposit.

Is there a deposit required for a reservation?

Yes, to hold a reservation (boat and jet ski) payment in full for reserved time is required to guarantee your reservation. If you do not show up for your reservation the payment is kept. Cancellations are required 48 hrs in advance unless due to severe weather conditions. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PAY FOR THE TIME RESERVED.

Is there a deposit required for a reservation?

Yes, to hold a reservation (boat and jet ski) there is a $100 deposit that is needed to hold your reservation. If you cancel or do not show up for your reservation the deposit is kept. If you cancel or do not show up for your reservation the deposit is kept. Cancellations are required 48hrs in advance unless due to severe weather conditions. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PAY FOR THE TIME RESERVED. (Time is money)

Do I need an I.D.?

Yes, a valid U.S driver/ or another form of acceptable I.D. Is needed to rent any of our equipment. You must be 21 years of age and the person signing the contract must have the credit card in their name. (Sorry no momma’s credit card here)

What do I need to bring?

Sunscreen, a towel, water bottle (no glass), water shoes (optional, but recommended), a hat (optional) and a great attitude!

Why would I be charged for damage to a watercraft including a prop, equipment, cleaning, etc?

You will only be charged if you or someone driving the boat damages the vessel ie: rototillers the bottom of the lake with the prop, crashes into anything, dents made on jet skis, kayaks, canoes, tears in the seats, loses or damages rental equipment, or causes excessive destruction to be determined upon return of the watercraft.

Do I need a special license to drive the boats?

All you need to rent the boat is a sense of adventure and credit card for the deposit. You will be required to sign liability releases and should you damage the boat, kayaks and jet skis in any way you will be responsible for all cost associated with the repair of the boat.

How old do you need to be to rent a boat on Lake Conroe?

The captain of the boat must be at least 21 years of age and show proof with a valid driver’s license at the time of rental.

Where do I pick up my watercraft?

On Lake Conroe at 12947 Lake Conroe Hills Drive, Suite B Willis, Texas 77318. (We are located next to Pelicans Cove Restaurant & Bar)

What happens if my boat rental, or jet ski rental breaks down in the middle of the lake?

All of our watercraft are covered with Boat U.S. and if for any reason we can’t get to you first, Boat U.S. will come to the rescue.

Do these flip?
Modern jet skis are very stable, you can stand on one side without flipping the jet ski over. Extra passengers may increase the risk of tipping over or falling off, but ultimately safe control rests with the driver.
*When driven correctly and safely, our skis are not prone to flipping.
What if I need to cancel?

All cancellations must be received in writing via 1097watersports@gmail.com 7 days before the rental date, cancellations received within 7 days and 72 hours will incur a 50% charge on the total rental and call/no show and day of cancellations will incur a FULL CHARGE.

What happens if it rains or inclement weather occurs?

We DO NOT cancel due to forecasted rain/weather but will do so the day of, at no charge if it indeed is raining at the lake during your rental time.

What are the prices if I damage the equipment?

If the watercraft is brought back with any damages and automatic $300 will be charged to the card on file.